3.4.10. wipeAnalysis Command

The wipeAnalysis command is used to remove all the analysis objects.


This command is needed for example when the user wishes to switch from a static analysis to a transient analysis, e.g. when switching from the initial gravity load analysis to an analysis of the subsequent response due to earthquake loading.


  • The time in the domain is not reset as in the wipe Command.

  • The state of the model does not change, i.e. the loads remain active and will change with subsequent analyze commands unless a loadConst Command is issued.

  • There is NO space between the wipe and Analysis. Putting a space results in domain and recorder objects also being remove, e.g. a wipe Command.


The following demonstrates the use of the wipe command.

  1. Tcl Code

  1. Python Code


Code Developed by: fmk