load CommandΒΆ

This command is used to construct a NodalLoad object.

load $nodeTag (ndf $LoadValues)

The nodal load is added to the LoadPattern being defined in the enclosing scope of the pattern command.






tag of node on which loads act


list float

ndf load values that are to be applied to the node.


The following example demonstrates how to create a Linear time series, and asociate it with a Plain load pattern which contains nodal loads to be applied to nodes 3 and 4 of reference magnitude (0,-50) and (50.0, -100) respectivily.

  1. Tcl Code

timeSeries Linear 2
pattern Plain 1 2 {
        load  3   0.0  -50.0  0.0
        load  4   50.0  -100.0 0.0
  1. Python Code

timeSeries("Linear", 2)
pattern("Plain", 1, 2)
load(3, 0.0, -50.0)
load(4, 50.0, -100.0)

Code Developed by: fmk