Imposed Motion CommandΒΆ

This command is used to construct an ImposedMotionSP constraint which is used to enforce the response of a dof at a node in the model. The response enforced at the node at any give time is obtained from the GroundMotion object associated with the constraint.

imposedMotion $nodeTag $dirn $gMotionTag

$nodeTag, integer, tag of node on which constraint is to be placed $dof, integer, dof of enforced response. Valid range is from 1 through ndf at node. $gMotionTag, integer, pre-defined GroundMotion object tag


The following example shows how to construct a Multi-Suppert Excitation pattern with a tag of 1* that will constrain the nodes **1, 4, and 7 to move in the 1 dof direcection with the ground Motion supplied by the groundMotion with tag 101, whose displacement is given by timeSeries with a tag of 3.

  1. Tcl Code

timeSeries Path 3 -filePath elCentroDisp.dat -dt 0.02
pattern MultipleSupport  1  {
     groundMotion 101 Series -disp 3

     imposedSupportMotion 1 1 101
     imposedSupportMotion 4 1 101
     imposedSupportMotion 7 1 101
  1. Python Code

timeSeries('Path', 3, '-dt', 0.02, '-filePath', 'elCentroDisp.dat')
pattern('MultiSupport', 1)
groundMotion(101, 'Series', '-disp', 3)

Code Developed by: fmk