3.1.6. nDMaterial Command

This command is used to construct an NDMaterial object which represents the stress-strain relationship at the gauss-point of a continuum element.

nDMaterial $matType $matTag $matArgs






material type



unique material tag.



a list of material arguments with number dependent on material type


The valid queries to any uniaxial material when creating an ElementRecorder are ‘strain’, and ‘stress’. Some materials have additional queries to which they will respond. These are documented in the NOTES section for those materials.

The following contain information about matType? and the args required for each of the available material types:

Concrete Damage Model Plane Stress Material Plane Strain Material Multi Axial Cyclic Plasticity Plate Fiber Material Plane Stress Concrete Materials FSAM - 2D RC Panel Constitutive Behavior Tsinghua Sand Models CycLiqCP Material (Cyclic ElasticPlasticity) CycLiqCPSP Material Manzari Dafalias Material Stress Density Material Materials for Modeling Concrete Walls PlaneStressUserMaterial PlateFromPlaneStress PlateRebar LayeredShell Contact Materials for 2D and 3D ContactMaterial2D ContactMaterial3D Wrapper material for Initial State Analysis InitialStateAnalysisWrapper UC San Diego soil models (Linear/Nonlinear, dry/drained/undrained soil response under general 2D/3D static/cyclic loading conditions (please visit UCSD for examples) PressureIndependMultiYield Material PressureDependMultiYield Material PressureDependMultiYield02 Material PressureDependMultiYield03 Material UC San Diego Saturated Undrained soil FluidSolidPorousMaterial Misc. AcousticMedium Steel & Reinforcing-Steel Materials UVCmultiaxial (Updated Voce-Chaboche) UVCplanestress (Updated Voce-Chaboche)