3.1.9. Element CommandΒΆ

This command is used to construct an element and add it to the Domain.

element $eleType $tag (num $nodes) $arg1 ...






element type



unique element tag.


list integer

a list of element nodes with number dependent on ele type



a list of element arguments with number dependent on ele type


The type of element created and the additional arguments required depends on the $eleType provided.

The valid queries to any element when creating an ElementRecorder are documented in the NOTES section for each element.

The following subsections contain information about $eleType and the number of nodes and args required for each of the available element types:

  1. Zero-Length Elements

  1. Trusss Elements

  1. Beam Column Elements

  1. Quadrilateral & Shell Elements

  1. Triangles

  1. Bricks

  1. Tetrahedrons

  1. Joint Elements

  1. Link Elements

  1. Bearing Elements

  1. U-P Elements (saturated soil)

  1. Contact

  1. Cable

  1. Misc.